Me Myself I
Why are you here, and what can you possibly gain from the visit?

This is my private, completely non-commercial and semi-serious web site. It does not offer any particular experience, and it is not really designed to attract anyone but myself. But I may be wrong - maybe you can find some useful or joyful bits and pieces here? Please feel free to explore and judge for yourself. Enjoy!

To tickle  my unstructured mind, I've tried to apply some structure to the site. Not much, but enough to confuse myself. Hence, this site will satisfy the following moods:

When I can't decide which mood I'm in, I turn to the menu at left - this lists some of the main topics, and I can select one and thus discover what mood I must be in by deductive reasoning.

... so what's with this p2r, anyway?

In the Java and Web programming environment, you frequently encounter the term I18N (I +18 letters + N is internationalization), and sometimes L10N (L + 10 letters + N is localization). So, my name is Peer, and p2r is ... (P + 2 letters + R).

So, I'm a geek. Didn't you know?

I sincerely hope (and believe) I do not violate copyright rules with the content on this site.
If I do, it is absolutely un-intentional, and I apologize and would appreciate being informed about it.
Most content was  found in public/promotional areas on the net - I've kept local copies to minimize link maintenance.

This site is published with no commercial interest whatsoever.