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This is a totally unofficial, non-sponsored sector of the Internet. It is mainly intended for personal use, and will be updated, outdated and refined whenever I feel like it. I've tried to find some reason for this page, but all I've come up with is my need for bragging about my bikes. So I assembled some pix, some dox, and some text. Enjoy?

So, it all started way back with the Husqvarna Silverpilen and the FMCK summer camp. But it took some 5-6 years after that until I bought my first "proper" street bike in 1979. I've mainly been into touring, mixed with some offroad/enduro experiences in the early 80s. I started long-distance touring by solo trips from Kiruna (above the Arctic circle) through Europe back in 1982. Since 1990, the bike carried an extra traveller

I've currently got two bikes, a 1983 Yamaha XJ900 touring bike (the original Strider) and a 1970 BSA A65L, the 650 cc Lightning (please note that neither is a Harley-Davidson).


I am (and have been) a member of several clubs, the most important are possibly

Some other clubs of interest:

  • the Stockholm chapter of SMC.
  • Rapido has a nice clubhouse in Stockholm (one prominent member is my former colleague Lars Mellgren, who also has other friends).


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some info snippets

Crow Foot Socket (for torque wrench) (by Buzz Pound)
OKQ8 oljefolder
Torque Wrench extensions By "spooky"
Useful Torque Information from AKO Inc. Torque Specialties Division


in cyberspace ...

  • Brit-Iron mailing list
    "The purpose of Brit-Iron-L is to provide a friendly forum for riders, restorers and admirers of classic British motorcycles to share information and experiences. Brit-Iron is strictly non-profit."
  • Master Strategy Group: Motorcycle Tips and Techniques
    "We Make and Unmake Mysteries."
  • Ronnie Cramer's Motorcycle Web Index
    "The Motorcycle Web Index now contains over 7,500 working links"
  • MicaPeak
    "A web site for motorcyclists. Providing World Wide Web and electronic mailing list services to the motorcycling public of planet Earth (and particularly the Pacific Rim of North America)."
    Check out the picture archives!
  • my own link collection
    Stuff I save on Blink, and occasionally publish to the web. Search for MC (since file is auto generated, I can't tag it to provide direct URL  to MC links).

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