Brendan O'Shea's 1968 BSA 650 Lightning (A65L)

Tommy Berkert's picture of the world's most beautiful bike:
the 1966 BSA A65 Lightning Clubman

Typical Brit-Bike riding style?

The 1995 version of my good ole Strider (it's now called Diversion or Seca II).

If I ever trade my faithful XJ, I'll get myself the ultimate sport/touring bike:
the BMW R1100RS.

Typical touring bike Riding Style

One of the most British jap-bikes ever built. I think I'll have to get one some day.

I once had a 1979 Yamaha XT 500 (but I think this shows a 1978). Great bike for wheelies and hiking, not so great for Enduro :-)

The VMAX is not a HD replica, but one serious powermonster beauty. Buy one, and go looking for scenic stoplights ...

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