Touring is about bringing you, your bike and your spouse to some place where you don't understand the language, the traffic regulations, or the small change in stores. 

At least it used to be.

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FIM Rallying  

I've spent some considerable time and money going to the FIM rallies. Each year in a new country, and always over 1000 bikes (sometimes over 3000). Truly international, since habitants of the organizing country cannot attend. After attending five rallies I was entitled to a FIM Meritum certificate, and am now a proud member of the Swedish FIM Rally Meritum Club. Sometime, when the kids have grown up a bit, I hope to take up the habit again.

The rallies I went to:

Other places and events

A major fun with touring is the places you see and the people you meet. These are probably my favorites.

Villa Löwenherz - MC hotel in Germany, (in)famous for "das Kümmerling Ring".

Camping Rendez-Vous - MC camp near Montpellier in France (dutch management, mainly dutch visitors).

Der Ring (Adenau/Nürburg, Eifel, Germany). Besides the historic roadracing track and the new GP circuit, there is also the Rennsport Museum.

Mälaren Runt is a great biker event (Stockholm).
Twins galore!

and now something completely different ...

I was actively involved in MC safety/riding training during the 80s. During a period, SMC called this  "Guldhjälmen" (the Golden Helmet) - this is a sticker that each participant got. This was actually a lot of fun!