This page is about my 1983 Yamaha XJ900S touring bike (the original Strider). I still have it, and love it, but it's been parked for quite some time now. No significant long distance touring opportunities for a hard working family man :-(

However, in late summer of 2009, I bought a "new" XJ 900 (-88), which runs quite well. Using this as a basis, I hope to get the green flash on the road again :-)

Almost original
I mounted the first Pichler fairing in 1984. 

Picture taken at  MMCK club bike-hike (later that day, I cut my hand quite badly - a memorable episode)..

On the road in 1986
second fairing, but still the original color. 

Picture taken by Stefan (?) while driving down to Pite dragway.

Typical riding environment
A foggy day in the French mountains 1992 -
same bike, more luggage.

Picture taken by Sabina during traditional summer vacation trip.

Today ...

Metallic green color
Mikuni Smoothbore carbs
Supertrapp exhaust
Öhlin shocks
White Power fork springs
Barnett clutch springs
Becker panniers
Blaupunkt RDS stereo.

Picture taken at Kvarnvägen, Upplands Väsby 1995.

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