Grand pianoIn both size and shape the sound
rig closely resembled Manhattan.

Risen out of the silos, the neutron speaker
stacks towered monstrously against thesky,
obscuring the banks of plutonium reactors and
seismic amps behind them.

Buried deep in concrete bunkers beneath
the city of speakers lay the instruments
that the musicians would control from their
ship, the massive photon-ajuitar, the bass
detonator and the Megabang drum complex.

It was going to be a noisy show.

(Douglas Adams, "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe")

Ami, lead vocalsOn The Rocks at LeoneOn The Rocks

Besides  jamming with old friends now and then, I play amateur piano and am about to try classic organ. Last band was an old-fashion Rock'n'Roll  band, On the Rocks. The main reason for playing was amusement, but we did actually get paid for playing every now and then. Not much, and not often, but it usually covered the bar bill for the night. Oh, by the way, if you're in a blues/funk/rock band and are looking for a non-professional keyboard player - get in touch with me!

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