Peer Törngren

Agile architect, mentor, toolsmith and developer in Java and open source environments, with expert skills in model-driven development, UI design and Eclipse RCP.


IBM Cognos (, 2007-
- Software Architect (2008 - )
- Lead UX Developer (2012 - 2014)
- Agile Coach (2011 - 2014)
- SCRUM Master (2009 - 2014 )
- Senior Software Engineer (2007-2008)

SunGard FRONT ARENA (, 2004-2007
- Systems Architect

ICA IT/Logistik (, 2003-2004
- Software Architect/Developer

The Frameworx Company (, 2000-2003
- Software Architect
- Team Lead
- Developer

Jaczone AB (, 2000
- Senior Software Architect

IMI, Industri-Matematik International (, 1995-2000
- Senior Software Architect, 1998-2000
- Senior Systems Analyst/Object Technology Specialist, 1997-1998
- Software Engineer, 1995-1996

WM-data Konsult AB, 1994-1995
- Consultant

DAFA M.Data (Sema Group)
- Consultant, 1991-1994

- Consultant and COBOL Specialist, 1986-1990
- Customer Engineer, hardware and operating systems, 1980-1986

- Customer Engineer, 1979-1980
- Final Tester, 1977-1979

Education             Technical college graduate, 1972-1977

Affiliations, Achievements and Awards

Memberships       Dataföreningen (”Swedish Computer Association”)
Dataföreningen’s network for UML experts
ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)
IASA (International Association of Software Architects)
Industrialized Software and Knowledge Industry Survival Strategy
Software Craftsmanship
Swedish Eclipse User Group

Linked in groups (

Scrum Practitioners
Disciplined Agile Delivery
Lean Software Development
Software Craftsmanship
Agile Architect Thought Leaders
DSM Forum
UML Lovers

Public appearances (presentations):

IASA World Summit/IT-Arc: Quality Attributes of Software Architecture (2015)
Rational User Conference: RTC for Product Development (2014)
JavaForum/Eclipse 10th Anniversary: “Two Cool RCP Apps” (2011)
IASA Sweden: Model-Driven Development (2009)
UML Experts Network, Swedish Computer Association (2005-2013):
- Domain Specific Modeling with UML
- Domain-Specific Modeling - dream or reality?
- Models and meta models
- Modeling in an agile world


Industrialized Software: Lessons From Other Industries (2008)
IP.COM: Dynamic Message Dialog with Dynamic Message Filter (2012)
"The Book About IT Architecture", Akenine et al, ISBN 9789175579535 (2014)


US Patent: Lightweight Observable Values for Multiple Grids (2012)
    (application #20140173219,
US Patent: Consolidation Command Center (2013)
    (application #20140200938,
US Patent: Consolidation Command Center Method (2013)
   (application #20140200939,


IBM Innovation Award (1978)
ICL Technical Support Excellence Award (1989)
IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award (2012)

Other                     Chairman of PTA organization at Helenelundsskolan (2010-2014)
Board member and webmaster of of PTA organization at Helenelundsskolan  (2007-2014)

Skills and Experience

Programming Languages

Java (J2SE, Swing, J2EE, EJB)
Smalltalk (VisualWorks, VisualAge)
C (PC, Unix)
Unix shell (Bourne, C, Korn, bash)
QualiCycle Programming Language
XML/XSL/HTML (World Wide Web)
Cobol (ANSI 74 + 85 in Unix environment)
Borland ObjectPAL (Paradox/Windows)
Visual Basic


Development: Eclipse, XMLSpy, MagicDraw, IBM WSAD, Rational Rose, ErWin, Visio UML, Visual Paradigm, JBuilder, Kawa, VisualAge/Smalltalk, QualiWare LifeCycle Manager, QualiWare CaseMaker …

Frameworks: Eclipse (RCP, SWT/JFace, EMF, GMF, TMF, Nebula, Xtext, etc), Sun Meta Data Repository (MDR), Apache (XML Beans, Commons, Log4J etc), ANTLR, oAW (openArcitectureWare), Spring, Hibernate, TopLink, Eclipselink, OpenJPA …

Build Automation and Configuration Management: Rational Team Concert, Rational ClearCase (UCM), Perforce, IBM/OTI Envy, IBM TeamConnection, Microsoft Sourcesafe, SCCS, RCS, CVS, Subversion, Ant, Maven, make, IBM Cognos BDD, IMI SCCM …

Test and Quality: jUnit, sUnit, Rational Functional Tester, EMMA, PMD, Bugfinder, EasyMock, Mockito, jVisualVM, OptimizeIt, JProbe, JProfiler, Purify, lint …

Other: Microsoft Office, Microsoft FrontPage, PaintShop Pro, Microsoft Project, Corel Draw, MicroGrafx Designer, MicroGrafx ABC Flowcharter, WordPerfect, PhotoVision …

Methods, Architecure
Capability Maturity Model (SEI CMM)
Data‑modeling (DB-schema, ER diagram)
eXtreme Programming (XP)
Event-Driven Architecture (EDA)
Jackson Structured Programming (JSP)
MAXIM Project Management (AU System)
Model Driven Architecture (MDA)
Model-Driven Software Development (MDSD)
Rational Business Engineering (RBE)
Rational Unified Process (RUP)
Service-Oriented Architecure (SOA)
Unified Modeling Language (UML)

Databases, Servers, Operating Systems and Computers

JEE (WebSphere, WebLogic, JBoss)
IBM San Francisco
SQL Server, Oracle, Ingres, Paradox/Windows, AS/400
Unix (SVR4, SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, OSF/1, Dynix)
PC (DOS, Windows)
ICL mainframe, networked ICL mini and micro computers
IBM mainframe (MVS, VTAM)


Cognos Controller, 2007-
Back End and Integration (ScrumMaster, developer, architect)
Command Center (ScrumMaster, developer, architect)
UI Team (ScrumMaster, developer, architect, lead UX developer)
Eclipse RCP (developer, architect, technical expert)
Application Architecture (developer, architect)
Cognos R&D

Course ”Certified IT-Architect”, 1999 –
Lecture ”Industrial Production of Software” (speaker)
Lecture ”Building with Frameworks” (speaker)
Lecture ”Model-Driven Software Development” (speaker)
Dataföreningen i Sverige (The Swedish Information Processing Society)

Akropolis Book Project, 2013-2014
Chapter “Quality Attributes of Software Architecture” (author)
Chapter ”Software Patterns” (author)
IASA Sweden

Social Music Discovery, 2010-2012
Domain Model (designer)
Yggdrasil RCP client (developer, architect)
The Social Music Discovery project (open source)

Common Services Architecture Team (CSA), 2005-2007
FRONT ARENA Representative (architect)
MDA/Modeling Workgroup (team lead)
SunGard Financial Systems

Model Driven Architecture (MDA), 2004-2007
AEF Reference (model-driven documentation generator) (architect, developer)
Domain-Specific Modeling Tool (architect, developer)
SunGard FRONT ARENA, Product Development Division

ARENA Extension Framework (AEF), 2004-2006
Vision, Architecture (architect)
SunGard FRONT ARENA, Product Development Division

ICA Architecture Team, 2003-2004
Architect (architect)
ICA (Scandinavia)

Forecasting Service, 2003-2004
Architecture, vision, requirements and prototype (architect, developer)
ICA Logistics

Architecture Council, 2002-2003
The Frameworx Company

Frameworx Factory (IDE for Frameworx platform), 2001-2003
Architecture and vision (architect)
UML/MOF metamodel (expert)
Development team (team lead, developer)
The Frameworx Company

Case Manager (pilot application on the Frameworx platform), 2000
Developmen team (developer)
Application Developer’s Guide (author, mentor)
The Frameworx Company

Prototype for Waypointer (knowledge-based process support agent), 2000
Vision (author, evangelist)
Knowledge model (architect)
Jaczone AB

PD-RUP CCB (Rational Unified Process Change Control Board), 1999-2000
Analysis, Design and Implementation workflows (process component owner)
Industri-Matematik International (Product Development, Common Services)

Architecture Council, 1999-2000
Senior Architect
Industri-Matematik International (Product Development division)

COBRA, Components and Objects in a Business Responsive Architecture, 1998-1999
Process team (process engineer, OOA/D process component owner)
Architecture team (architect)
Application Development teams (architect, mentor, designer, reviewer)
Industri-Matematik International (Product Development division)

System ESS/Next Generation, 1997-1998
Vision and strategic requirements (software architecture)
Industri-Matematik International (Product Development division)

ESS Open Architecture/ESS Core Services, 1997-1999
OO framework for wrapping legacy system (architect, mentor)
Industri-Matematik International (Product Development division)

Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) Horizontal Network, 1997-2000
Skill Center (team leader, methodologist)
OOAD support in development projects (mentor, reviewer)
Industri-Matematik International (Product Development division)

Project MOOD (Methodology for Object Oriented software Development), 1996-1997
Process, methodology and tools for large scale development  (project manager)
Customized OO process and methodology (process engineer)
Evaluation and integration of commercial development tools (software engineer)
Industri-Matematik International (Product Development division)

Vivaldi Replenishment Manager, 1996-1999
Object Oriented Analysis/Design (analyst, designer, mentor)
Smalltalk implementation (programmer)
Configuration management (policy, tool support)
Industri-Matematik International (Product Development division)

CM for OO (Configuration Management for OO development), 1996-1997
Configuration management requirements (analysis, formal specification)
Evaluation of commercial CM tools (project manager, technical specialist)
Industri-Matematik International (Development Tools group)

Software Factory Development Tools, 1995-1997
Tools for developing development tools (design, implementation, support)
Product packaging and distribution (analysis, design, implementation)
Industri-Matematik International (Development Tools group)

IMI*CASE, 1995‑1996
CASE tool meta model (analysis, design, implementation)
Industri-Matematik International (Product Development division)

SDCM (Software Development Configuration Management) System, 1995
System development (programming)
Industri-Matematik International (Product Development division)

StripNet (Strategic IT Infrastructure), 1994-1995
IT policy (author)
Building LAN‑based IT infrastructure (project manager, network specialist)
Uddeholm Strip Steel AB

KM-LIS Technical Management Information System, 1994
Subsystem for text, messages and logfiles (analysis, design, programming)
Development environment and tools (design, implementation, support)
LKAB Kiruna

PRAXIS/Unix; Tools and guidelines for Development Projects, 1994
Standard Unix development kit (analysis, design, programming, support)
DAFA M.Data (internal)

Rolling Stock Information System, 1993-1994
Object oriented model (analysis, high-level design)
ABB Signal

RIUB/RIUR Collection and Notification System, 1992-1993
Communication subsystem (design, programming)
Development environment (design, implementation, support)
Rikspolisstyrelsen (the National Swedish Police Board)

SF Distributed System for Orders of Punishment, 1992-1993
Development environment (design, implementation, support)
Installation and operating routines with manual (design, implementation, author)
Riksåklagarmyndigheten (the National Swedish Prosecutor’s Office)

RUBIN Manufacturing Planning System, 1991
Modules for human resource planning (design, programming)
LKAB Kiruna

MODIS Order Management System, 1989-1990
Program conversion (programming, technical specialist)
Data migration (design, programming)
Indiska kompaniet

KIBAS Standard System, 1988-1989
Modules for data export (design, programming)
Tools for program conversion (design, programming)
KIDA and Metallurgiska Forskningsstationen (MEFOS)

National Technical Support, 1986-1990
COBOL in UNIX and CDOS environment (support)
Pascal in mini computers (support)
SNA communication products (support)
Unix operating systems (assisting support)

REGSYS Networked Data Entry System, 1986-1987
System development (design, programming, implementation)
Screen designer tool (design, implementation, support)
LKAB Kiruna (Sweden), LKAB Narvik (Norway)