Peer Törngren: a casual introduction

In one sentence, I would describe myself as an experienced architect/developer and software craftsman with skills spanning from requirements engineering to programming and configuration management and a passion for robust systems and clean code.

I currently build a Web/JEE application for cloud deployment based on WebSphere Liberty Profile. My typical role is architect/developer, but I'm also comfortable in roles as agile coach or process engineering. I also have a solid interest and experience from model-driven development and UI design.

My programming background includes Java, Python, Smalltalk, C, Perl, SQL and Cobol. I've also built a number of meta models and modeling/model processing tools, and done quite a bit of Configuration Management. Further back, I was into communications and system administration in Unix and PC/Unix networks, and I also spent a few years on mainframes.

In recent time, I have primarily built commercial products for the global market. Since 2007 I’ve been a developer, architect and technical lead with the IBM Cognos Controller system for financial consolidation. Before that I was responsible for Model Driven Architecture (MDA) and the customization framework (the Arena Extension Framework, AEF) of the SunGard FRONT ARENA trading application. Further back, I spent some years in the logistics domain, most recently as a Software Architect with a major retail company (ICA), and in the late nineties as architect/developer with IMI (the "IT Company of the Year" in Sweden 1998). At the turn of the millennium I also spent some years in a startup where I led a team that built a Java-based and model-driven development environment for service-oriented J2EE applications. For some time, I also worked on knowledge-based systems for process support thru intelligent agents (that product later won the Jolt Productivity Award).

With more than twenty years as a product developer on the global market, I believe I have a firm understanding of what it takes to build robust systems in terms of architecture, method and organization. I’ve had leading roles in OO migration projects, and have been involved in the early phases of two startups. I lecture on industrial production of software, covering areas like patterns, frameworks, performance, model-driven development and domain-specific languages.

I can manage projects or lead development teams, but do not seek line manager responsibilities – I primarily strive for a technical career, and feel more comfortable in developer roles than as a project manager. I started out in the mainframe hardware domain, and transformed into software via communications and operating systems. Nowadays, I am perhaps more of a generalist than a specialist, but still want a significant amount of hands-on development - I am a developer at heart. I believe in software craftsmanship and small, productive groups with decisive power. I prefer agile methods and advocate lean software development and clean code.

I spent the early part of my professional life in customer environments, but customer contacts have been sparse in recent years - hopefully, my next position is a bit more extrovert. I find international environments inspiring, and enjoy traveling in Sweden and abroad. I speak and write fluent English, speak meager German and understand some French and Polish. I am perceived as a good writer, and usually get good feedback on presentations.

Out of office I like alpine skiing, motorcycling, music and (since recently) disc golf. I like off-pist skiing in places like Riksgränsen, Kittelfjäll or the alps, and have seen most of Europe on two wheels. I've also restored my 1970 BSA 650 Lightning (several times :-), and enjoy taking it for short trips around the neighborhoods on sunny Sundays - unless I do a round on Järva Disc Golf Park.

My greatest assets are probably an incurable curiosity in combination with the broad experience from some 30 years as an IT professional. The more I learn, the more I realize how much is yet to discover.

Peer Törngren, Sollentuna, Sweden

peer.torngren (at)

"Those who say it can't be done should not interrupt those who are doing it."